Meet the LINE-UP of international DJ's, artists, teachers & musicians who will be at Ecstatica.

Niraj Naik

FESTIVAL ORGANISER, DJ & Workshop Leader – SOMA Breathwork & Ecstatic Dance.

Niraj is a qualified pharmacist from the UK turned a holistic wellness expert. After healing himself from a chronic illness using yoga, pranayama and ayurvedic practices, he felt motivated to share his knowledge with suffering patients and started therenegadepharmacist.com blog where he now shares with thousands of people about natural ways to get healthy, get off medications, overcome auto-immune and digestive issues.

Niraj has now put his wisdom and knowledge into a brand new community based movement and school called SomaBreath.com, with his Awakening certification programs giving people the ability to use ancient healing and transformative protocols with a modern scientific understanding to help people to clear negative patterns, heal past traumas and reach the peak human experience


Tristan Gorski


Tristan is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan where he holds weekly Ecstatic Dance evens on Koh Phangan since December 2016.

When he met Niraj in 2017, they soon hit it off over their combined love of music and shortly after birthed the Ecstatica Festival.

During his Ecstatic Dance and DJ sets he offers a wide spectrum of music invoking a range of sensations and emotions, creating a safe space for connection and exploration though a shamanic musical journey, where celebration and meditation melt together as one.

< Listen Here >

Kareem Raïhani

DJ – Ecstatic Dance

For more then 20 Years, Kareem Raïhani has been sharing his music throughout Europe and beyond. His DJ sets are containing many of his own productions and remixes. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth, respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology.

Kareem’s Ecstatic Dance Dj sets are setting dance floors on fire! He is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance. The only way to understand what all those dancers feel thru Kareem’s music and dance is to simply experience it.



Sunny Ju

Workshop Leader – Empowerment Coach and Facilitator

Sunny loves touch, on all layers of the body:  physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. She guides people on a journey of awakening the senses, going beyond limitations and conditionings, connecting with themselves and others.

Her offerings include Body and Energywork, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Psycho-spiritual Coaching and Sound Healing.

Sunny facilitates workshops and retreats in Europe and Asia, offers individual sessions and is always driven by the power of transformation.


Shay Barbalat

DJ – Ecstatic Dance

‎Shay Barbalat (Dj SunShay) has been passionately playing music for over 10 years. From ‎broadcasting to a popular radio station 106FM-Tel Aviv to playing in raves around Israel & ‎Europe and producing his music‏.‏

These days living and creating in Koh Phangan, Thailand where he is DJing  and organizing weekly Ecstatic Dance/Rhythm & Movement” ‎sessions in the last 3 years.”

He is also the creator of ‎“Evolve-Tribal Culture” – a freestyle, open-‎air dance party’s ‎forging tribal music in a journey of art and expression through movement.

‎His DJ sets are  a dynamic flow of organic and electronic beats.‎ From Funky, Tribal, World ‎Fusion to Deep/Progressive Electronic beats.


Elise Yuill Cohen

Musician – Sacred Heart Songs

Elise loves bringing people together through devotional singing, encouraging connection through hearts and voices, unifying through unique musical co-creations.

Inspired by global traditions of sacred sound, world, folk and conscious dance music, and guided by her love and devotion to the healing spirit of music, Elise’s music comprises melodic mantra compositions for kirtan, contemporary conscious folk-songs and ecstatic dance tunes.

Elise conducts voice workshops, kirtan, retreats and concert tours in her home country of the England and around the world. She is a trained Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Pilates Instructor, with a background in professional dance and the performing arts.



Marta Obrycka

Workshop Leader – Zen Coaching & Meditation

Marta loves music and living her life “here and now”. In her daily life she supports others in transformations as a certified “Senior Coach” in the Zen Coaching approach during coaching sessions, workshops.

She lead workshops in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Italy. You can also meditate with her! She is a certified Osho Active Meditation Facilitator and have been through the international supervision proces.

Meditation is a journey inside yourself and Marta loves to travel, so she leads meditation and Zen Coaching workshops wherever she is. Her life mission is to support and inspire others to discover their POWER and path to joyful peace and harmony.


Kate Tyler

Workshop Leader –  Danceformation ™

​“Dancing has always been my passion. I began choregraphing, competing and performing in shows as a young child. It was a beautiful way for me to go inward when life outside was difficult, chaotic or confusing.

Dance has allowed me to feel present, to learn to really love my female body, to feel my emotions in a safe space and to fully express myself. When I dance I feel my true essence and connect to the divine in the most joyful way!

Dancing has been my meditation and a resource for personal healing and transformation. Through my own journey and studying various healing modalities over the past 20 years, including clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, inner child work, psychotherapy, bio dynamics, somatics, breathwork, bodywork and yoga, it is now my divine path to share this unique mind body movement medicine with other women around the world.

I believe that our wounds are our mission in life. Everything that happens to us is happening for us. Our personal story and life experiences can inspire and help others. 

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your unique Danceformation”! 

Founder of Platinum Healing and Danceformation™

Rae Irelan

Musician & Workshop Leader

Rae Irelan is a powerful and respected iconic talent, sharing brilliant visions and masterpieces that bring about change and inspire the world.

As a global visionary, touring performer, and successful entrepreneur she leads with integrity, passion, freedom, and flare. Rae lights up the stage, moving millions to open their hearts through her multi-faceted music performances and public speaking, leaving a legacy of true connection and unity.



Julita Ostrowska

Workshop Leader – Movement Meditation

I am a certified Tantra Yoga Teacher 200 TTC, and Coach, Therapist & Creative at Flow Infinito – Holistic Coaching, Dance & Art therapy and Yoga.

Flow Infinito offers workshops, retreats, movement therapy and coaching sessions, focusing on creative and holistic ways of awakening your potential, creativity and vitality. I am passionate about the therapeutic benefits of movement and creativity and I bring this passion into my work including elements of creative expression, body and breath work, visualisation, Tantra and meditation.


Kiya Shanti

Workshop Leader – Breathwork & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

Kiya is an ecstatic dance & breathwork facilitator, born in England, and now working internationally. His passion is to create spaces for divine and ecstatic embodied connection – with ourselves and with others.

He loves to create ‘full spectrum experiences’ that journey from the depths to the heights of what it is to be human, in a deeply embodied way. At the core of all his work is the use of breathwork to support people to access higher states of consciousness.

He offers group classes and workshops, and also one-to-one Breathwork sessions. Join him for an experience that will blow your heart and mind!


Magda Kay

Workshop Leader – Healing Masculine & Feminine

My name is Magda. I am a sensuality & relationships coach.  I work with women, men and couples helping them feel more sensual, bringing back the art of seduction, deeper connection and wider intimacy.

My lack of self-acceptance has caused me a lot. I stayed away from men, love and relationships until my late 20s. I was simply to scared that someone could see the “real me”, and then they would leave. The fear of being rejected, because I wasn’t embodying the real essence of femininity, has also caused me to battle depression by the time I was 27. I was fighting suicidal thoughts and attempts to hurt myself physically more than once. I was disconnected from my body, sensations and most of pleasure.

My own journey of healing has brought me to discover Tantra, Theta healing, sacred sexuality and reprogramming of subconscious programs. I finally started releasing layers of social conditioning around what it means to be a woman, and how to relate to others, allowing my true, wild and passionate self to come out.


Katie Scott

Workshop Leader – Twerkshop

Katie is a Tao Tantra Arts practitioner & offers sacred, fun, trauma-informed workshops, retreats & privates for awakening sexuality around the world.

Pete Warnock

Workshop Leader

Since 1992 I’ve work internationally as teacher of presence and awakening integrating touch, energy, voice, breath, sacred intimacy and meditation.




Ale is a multi-talented rock star performer with infectious energy and pure talent. Every show of his is a must-see, invaluable experience of raw creative energy.

Naama Nami Peled

Workshop Leader

A human, woman, mother, partner, sister and friend. A teacher, therapist, facilitator.

Traveling in the field of movement, breath, bodywork and sacred sexuality for 15 years. Yoga teacher, lecturer, networker. Holding theraputic spaces with great passion.



Eyal Matsliah

Workshop Leader – Sensual Partnered Dance

I am a life coach, recognized as an international authority on sensuality and female pleasure.

I have been dancing all my life, but i was always dancing by myself. I wanted to dance with others, but i didn’t know how to. I was unsure, afraid to give the wrong message, how to lead and follow, boundaries, all that… Since starting to dance with others in 2014, it has become one of my favorite things to do and teach.


Shelly Sky

Workshop Leader – Divine Touch

Shelly is interested in unlocking the possibilities of the body and its many subtle layers. She feels that sensual energy as a source of healing can be harnessed to powerfully transform the self. After first discovering the practice of Yoga during her tender teenage years, Shelly was inspired by its potential for connection, opening her up to a new world of self exploration.

Shelly developed her love for Aerial Arts and Circus through Aerial Yoga. Fascinated by eastern cultures and traditions she was steered towards India. Here Shelly was able to explore energetic practises, such as Tantra, Kundalini and Meditation. This has paved the way for deeper exploration into the nature of consciousness.

Lena Lange

Workshop Leader – Rooting into truth (Woman only !)

Known for her deep yet light hearted approach, Lena facilitates transformational workshops and retreats to reconnect woman to their wild feminine nature. Her passion for this path has given rise to a book and to the feminine soul series both of which she shares whole heartedly in her native country, Germany.


Nancy Huettig

Workshop Leader – The Essentials of Ayurveda

I am a Wholistic Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Ayurvedic practitioner based on Koh Phangan in Thailand.

My work is rooted in empowering and guiding people to live a passionate life with purpose aligned with their authentic self, embodying a balanced body, mind, and soul with the Nature.



We are updating the website with more amazing  workshop leaders / musicians in the coming weeks…