Meet the LINE-UP of international DJ's, artists, facilitators & musicians who will be at Ecstatica.

Mushina (Portugal)

Ecstatic Dance 

Mushina is well known for his charisma and contagious energy, becoming one of the most present artists in the Ecstatic Dance scene both as a musician and a host. It is very usual to see him playing in the middle of the crowd in big 360 circles, as for him the sharing of conscious energy and love through music is his biggest stimulus. When not touring the world he is very active in his community in Portugal, creating all kind of activations related to music creation, singing circles, holistic practices, events and festivals. In his live performances he often invites guest artists to play live in his musical expression which explores a combination of ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures tribal soul in a deep, modern and organic groove. After dedicating himself to writing new music, a new album was born and released with the purpose of sharing his experiences with the people who have this common passion and style. A Portuguese man by blood, Mushina embodies in this album his mission to spiritually elevate people through musi

Echo (US)

Ecstatic Dance DJ & Movement Workshop

Founder of Our Echo Yoga School, DJ, Movement Facilitator, and writer,. Music is medicine. My sets are impromptu selections, and tailored to the emotions surfacing on the dance floor within community. My path through music has been one of personal growth, community, integration and dancing with the shadow. Within my sets you will get glimpses and doses of Latin funk, throbbing bass, ambient strings, tribal drum, conscious floetry, and binaural beats.

Through dance, everyone can discover, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. By engaging our senses and listening to our bodies, we connect to others and shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own.”

Niraj Soma Naik (UK)

SOMA Breathwork 

Niraj Niak, the founder of Soma Breath, is also known as the Renegade Pharmacist, is a certified UK pharmacist who transformed into a holistic wellness expert, brain-training enthusiast, and a globally sought-after spiritual ceremony facilitator. His remarkable journey began during a challenging phase of corporate burnout, leading to a year of debilitating chronic illness. Remarkably, he healed himself through the practice of Breathwork and dietary adjustments, inspiring his mission to share this wisdom with others. 

Today, Niraj leads a thriving global breathwork community and trains numerous breathwork experts using his SOMA breath framework, which is widely adopted in wellness centers worldwide, with training centers spanning Europe, the USA, and Asia. In this masterclass, Niraj offers a magical guided experience of his top-rated breathwork technique, enabling you to rediscover your path to vibrant health and well-being.

Katia Buben

Dynamic Meditation

Katia Buben creates an opportunity for people to feel connected to their inner truth, tapping into their intuition, and creating a deep sense of empowerment through feminine energy. By combining her connection exercises with guided meditation and body movement, she provides a powerful journey of integration and healing.



Maok is a Slovak musician, improviser, film composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He composed his first pieces at the age of fifteen. In addition to working on film music, Maok devotes his time to performing live concerts, organizing music workshops, and collaborating with other musicians and artists from various artistic fields, such as theater, pantomime, photography, meditation, visual arts, and poetry. He collaborated with the singer Eniesa, who inspired the title of one of his albums, and together they recorded the album On The Surface as part of their joint project Melme Arya. Other musicians with whom Maok has worked and created include Vojtech Havel, Karel Babuljak, Maria Kmetkova, and others.

Pepe Danza (Uruguay)

Live Ecstatic Dance & Workshop

Joseph Pepe Danza is a musician and performer from Uruguay who spent years wandering the planet while discovering and performing traditional music from around the globe. His music is highly influenced by India, Brazil, Africa, South America, Spain, and Japan. These regions uniquely flavor his authentic jazz, rock, and pop performances. Parallel to his musical studies, he also pursued a path of Spirit that includes years in India practicing yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, zen meditation in Japan, the Gurdjieff system in North America, Dervish practices with Turkish Sufis, sound healing in Bali, and shamanic knowledge with South and North American First Nations Medicine people. Pepe has extensive international experience teaching meditation, yoga, sound healing, tantra, and Daoist practices, besides being a sought-after performer, recording artist, and storyteller. He was a founder and artistic director of the Sacred Music Festival in Vancouver, Canada, for four years and has won several awards for his compositions for film and theater. Pepe lives from the deep conviction and experience that Music is a powerful transformative force and that Humanity and our dear Planet Earth are ready to shift to a higher frequency. He is here to serve that work in whatever way and whichever place he is invited. 

Lilia Khousnoutdinova

Ecstatic Love Workshop

Lilia vystudovala politologii a historii na univerzitě v Oxfordu a následně k tomu přidala Gender & Development na London School of Economics. Do veřejného prostoru vstupuje jako publicistka, iniciátorka osvětových programů a kampaní zaměřených na rovné příležitosti žen a mužů, reprodukci, ženské tělo a svobodnou volbu.

Založila Nadační fond Propolis33 který se věnuje projektům týkajících se plánovaného rodičovství, mateřství, reprodukce a projektům s feministickou tematikou. Je členkou předsednictva Českého helsinského výboru. Je členkou zakládajícího týmu Nadačního fondu Šťastné Česko a členkou správní rady Nadačního fondu pomoci, provozujícího dárcovskou platformu Znesnáze21. V roce 2022 se společně s manželem zařadili na 9. místo v žebříčku největších filantropů ČR podle časopisu Forbes.

V roce 2016 iniciovala vznik Spolku přátel Bhútánu v České republice. Zaměřuje se na kulturu Bhútánu, kam organizuje výpravy a vypomáhá s několika projekty v rozvojovém a charitativním sektoru. Spoluzaložila několik firem a eshop včetně značky Ecstatic. Je zakladatelkou vzdělávacího portálu Women’s Academy. V roce 2013 spoluvytvořila vzdělávací koncept a výcvik pro kněžky a ceremonialistky a roku 2021 založila spolek České ceremonialistky pro podporu vzdělávání ceremonialistek, zajištění kontroly kvality výkonu profese cerem

Wolf (AT)

Yawanawa concert & singing circle

Julia Krakova

Human Design Workshop

Julia is an investigator and practitioner interested in both physical/material and esoteric/spiritual worlds. She dedicates her life’s work to continuously sharing, creating, teaching, and studying. Mentors from Slavic, Hindu, and Western traditions stand amongst her muses, as she spent her early years in esoteric schools of India and Israel.

For the last decade, she focused exclusively on working with the Human Design System. As a professional analyst and teacher, Julia teaches the system in the Ministry of Education (in Israel), organizes worldwide Human Design events, and works individually with parents, partnerships, and businesses. She is also a dedicated yogi, a mindful herbalist, and a lover of natural living & healing methods. The deeply personal and experiential nature of her work creates mutational processes for her clients and students and directs their life into the personally unique path of the true inner self

Cesar Chunk (Peru)

Shamanic Ritual Ecstatic Dance 

César Chunk is a producer, music collector and radio programmer. Born in Peru, he travelled by bicycle through Latin America doing street art, circus, crafts and music, he collects alternative music from each country he visits. he started wearing masks since 2012 to correctly represent the feeling of shamanic rituals and cultural interior.

The trip is an authentic ceremony where African drums, Arabic flutes, voices in unknown languages and tropical sounds are mixed with electronic Beats.

A deep analysis to investigate alternative music in the world and try to unify living culture


Cristiano Martins (PT)

Biodanza & Movement Workshop

Cristiano is a Biodanza (Rolando Toro System) Facilitator, certified by the Biodanza SRT School of Portugal and also a Didactic of the same System. He is part of the teaching staff at the Institute of Applied

Psychology in the postgraduate course “Human Development and Therapy through Expressive Arts” and also collaborates with the Portuguese School of Biodanza in the accompaniment and supervision of students and new teachers. In the last few years he has dedicated himself to the creation of diverse signature workshops such as: “Roots in the Earth, Roots in Heaven”; “Chaos, Creativity and the Return of the Sacred”; “The Birth of the Cosmic Man”; “Under the Sign of Affection”; “Surrender to Love”; “Sacred Warrior”; “Ecstatic Lover”; “Mystic Magician”; “The King the Queen”; “Equinox and Solstice Celebrations” in Nature. Regular Didact In Berlin and Portugal; Also with agenda in Spain (Gran Canaria, Seville, Merida), France (Toulouse and Nantes), Montreal (Canada).

Cristiano is one of the teaching staff at the Institute of Applied Psychology in the postgraduate course “Human Development and Therapy through Expressive Arts” and also collaborates with the Portuguese School of Biodanza through supervision of students and new teachers.

Mirka Kroner

Concert & Voice Opening Workshop

With their songs they will take you to places where the breeze blows, caressing the soul and ears, bringing hope into everyday reality. The acoustic performances are made up of vocals, guitar and percussion. The main theme of their music is connection – with ourselves, with others, with nature and with the mystery that transcends us. Apart from performing, they are also involved in other interesting projects – Mirka is the author of the ZNEJ – Let Your Voice Guide You voice workshops and Ondrej has found himself in shamanic drum making and facilitation.

Guy Barrington

Tribal Trance Dance

I am Guy or Dj Colibri.  I’ve been involved in Conscious Dance Practice for 30 years, beginning with ‘Biodanza’ and then creating ‘Colibri Heart Tribal Trance Dance’, ‘Bliss Conscious Clubbing’ and ‘Dancing Heart Path Journeys’. I have been Djaying as Dj Colibri for 5 years and have incorporated Ecstatic Dance Journeys as one of my forms of Conscious Dance Practice.  I bring a Wealth of Experience and Wisdom to this Masterclass for You.  I have also Trained in Meditation, Mediation, Shamanism, Tantra, Qi Gong, Healing and Energy Work, Conscious Creativity, Conscious Communication, Conscious Relating and Conscious Parenting and also work as a Heart Fire Life Coach, Public Speaker, Content Creator and Inspiration Course Designer. I Love to Work with People, with Transformation and Awakening, activating our Energy and Consciousness and opening ourselves to Be Heart Inspired, so we live the lives we Love on Purpose.

Tristan Gorski (UK)

Ecstatic Dance 

Tristan Gorski, the visionary behind Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan, calls the serene island his creative hub. His journey is shaped by a love for conscious dance, sparked during his DJing days in the underground rave scene in the late 1900s. The relentless nights and corporate burnout led to a pause in his DJing career in 2003. Years later, he rediscovered his passion for DJing and conscious movement at a Tantra Festival. Today, Tristan’s diverse DJ sets create spaces for inner exploration and connection, blending rhythms and soulful sounds. His experience in tantra and shamanic practices enriches his transformative music and dance. Globetrotting as a DJ, Tristan’s journey reflects how music and conscious movement helped him overcome an addictive and destructive lifestyle, inspiring transformations worldwide.


Sound Healing


DJ NativeMind

Ecstatic Dance & Workshop

Choreograf, performér, lektor Intruitívneho Tanca, Tanečnej Improvizácie a Tanečného Divadla, Ecstatic Dance DJ a organizátor kultúrne-umeleckých a vzdelávacićh podujatí na územií Českej a Slovenskej Republiky. V súčasnosti študuje Tanečné Divadlo a Performanciu na Vysokej škole múzických umení v Bratislave kde sa počas svojich štúdií okrem lektorskej, umeleckej a organizátorskej praxe venuje využitiu performatívných umenií a expresívných terapií k osobnému rozvoju a liečivej integrácií tela a duše. Vychádzajúc zo súčasného tanca (najmä Labanovej Analýzi Pohybu), kontaktnej improvizácie, expresívnych terapií (tanečne pohybová terapia, dramaterapia…) a gestalt psychológie, kombinuje vo svojom učení vyjadrovacie prostriedky tela, hlasu a tváre s obsahom psyché akými sú emócie, myšlienky a predstavy. Svojím učením pomáha ľuďom na ceste skúmania a integrácie vlastnej psyché hravím a kreatívnym spôsobom, s cieľom očistenia tela a duše od stagnujúcej energie prejavenej telesnými, či psychickými blokmi a následným nadobudnutím väčšej vnútornej slobody pomocou zlepšenia v oblastiach sebaexpresie, vnímavosti, explorácie, integrácie, psychohygiény a rozšírených stavov vedomia.

Marketa Faustova


Markéta Faustová has been teaching yoga for more than twelve years. She considers her main teacher to be Shiva Rea, the founder of Prana Flow Yoga. In addition to her Prana Flow Yoga training, she has done many other trainings – power yoga, tantra yoga, fascial yoga, touch, movement, voice, ritual workshops and trainings. In her classes she focuses on stretching and releasing the body from tension, finding flexibility, fluidity, softness and strength. She connects movement with breath and in whatever way is offered, opening a pathway to self, to stillness and understanding.

Jobbi Tao

High Vibe Ecstatic Dance

Jobbi started DJing in 2000. Music led him through clubs and festivals to Ecstatic Dance. His sunny energy and careful music selection regularly takes spontaneous dance lovers from calm to dance ecstasy and back again. He has been busy with his own productions, conducts movement workshops. He believes that life is dance and our dance is therefore an organic celebration of life itself. Jobbi loves to make people dance and celebrate together in joy and freedom. He loves the magical connection that is created through music and dance.

Zuzana Burdanova

Organiser & Spaceholder

Zuzana Burdanová is the founder and space holder of Ecstatic Dance Slovakia as well as Ecstatica Festival. She has been organising conscious dance events since 2011 and more regularly in the form of Ecstatic Dance for the past 6 years. Through her events she aims to create sacred spaces where people can liberate themselves from social conditionings, reconnect with their true, authentic selves and discover their full potential. For the past 5 years, Zuzana has also been offering mentoring to clients who want to take a leap towards a more liberation and authenticity. 

Some of Zuzana‘s qualifications in the movement arts include: Year Long Dance Therapy Training in the Czech Republic, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training according to Yogi Bhajan, Mystical Dance Teacher Training with Monika Nataraj in Koh Phangan.

Martin Pleissner

Rewilding & Primal Movement Workshop

For Martin life is all about reconnection to our true, natural self. As a former aerospace engineer living in capitol cities, working for big corporates and developing machines he came to a point of stagnation and frustration that put him into a new direction. This is why he founded Human Aliveneness to leave humanitys current path into a more and more artificial, technocratical society and fully embrace the beauty and perfection of the organic creation instead. He sees our vitality of utmost importance which means conscious embodiment, connection to nature and thriving in a community of likeminded people. As a former aerospace engineer living in capitol cities, working for big corporates and developing machines he came to a point of stagnation and frustration that put him into a new direction.

Fred Olaio

Ecstatic Singing Circle

Fred Olaio, a laid-back performer from Portugal, delivers acoustic vibes with his guitar. Used to performing in Portugal and China, he travelled through Southeast Asia and is now facilitating singing circles in Olomouc.

Katarina Bielikova

Emotional Intelligence Movement Workshop

Lecturer, facilitator, aspiring psychotherapist who is passionate about personal development.

In addition to studying Dramatherapy and Applied Psychotherapy, she has completed many courses focusing on Gestalt theater therapy, Trauma awareness, Playback theater, Emotional intelligence, Biosynthesis, Group facilitation, Coaching, Informal education. She is currently a participant of Integrative Psychotherapy Training with Psychosomatics and creator of the DivoDej project (personal-development workshops and drama therapy groups).

Petr Vašák

Sound Healing & Meditation

Guide and healer on the path of spiritual evolution and knowledge, multi-instrumentalist. Provides a comprehensive system for personal and spiritual growth in a pure and clear form.

He *combines holistic depth psychotherapy, light energy healing, purification and the application of expanded states of consciousness to human growth and development. He explores the potential for evolution in many areas such as music and energy healing, breath and body work, shamanism, tantra, alchemy, working with masculine-feminine principles and meditation practices.


Lucie Aestra

Impro Singer

*Guide through music, singing, instruments, movement, yoga, rituals and ceremonies.

*She feels at home in vocal improvisation. In the pure presence and connection to the memory of her Soul, she spontaneously flows in shamanic, Indian, Disha and angelic postures, both rhythmic, dance-first and in gentle tones from the landscape of the heart.

Marek Žilinec

Drummer & Percussionist

Drummer, percussionist, producer, author, music teacher, active studio and concert player. From a rebellious rocker, he has gradually worked his way up to a sensitive and perceptive player with a relentless appetite for exploring the unknown and experimenting. Music and instruments of different cultures became his great love. His outlook on music and the meaning of life underwent a gradual transformation. Yogic culture, Eastern philosophies and trips to India, where he could spend time in the presence of spiritual masters like Mooji and Sadhguru were such a natural consequence of his personal need for self-development and self-discovery. All of this was also strongly reflected in his music. This year Marek has toured several European capitals such as London, Paris , Milano , Vienna , Ljubljana with the world famous Indian formation SOUNDS OF ISHA, accompanying the spiritual master SADHGURU. Marek is currently the drummer of the band of Richard Autner, Martin Geisberg and various other projects.  You can see him as a drummer in the production of Macbeth at the Slovak National Theatre, where he is also the author of the music for this performance consisting only of drums and percussion.


Music producer & DJ


Phoenix Maria



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