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A transformational Festival experience on the tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

The theme of magic and manifesting to create deeper connections, friendship, love and community will run throughout this festival. 

One community, One love, One mission to reach the ECSTATIC  experience, without drugs & alcohol, without ego’s… just good vibes only.

Featuring world class teachers in Ecstatic Dance, Soma Breathwork, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, Meditation and much much more.

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Whats on at Ecstatica ?
5 Days of Ecstatic Dance, Soma Breathwork, Workshops, Live Music., Market & Chill-out AREA, and much much more.
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“Our vision is to bring you the best artists and facilitators from around the globe and offer a platform for local & emerging talent to shine and co-create an amassing festival here on Koh Phangan ”

Supercharge your mind, body & spirit and call In your true life’s purpose with Soma Awakening.

The Awakening is breathwork meditation that has taken the world by storm. A shaman once called it ‘A Psychedelic Orgasm on DMT’ We call it a ‘High Intensity Training For Your Soul & Spirit’.

Originated on the magical island of Koh Phangan by Ecstatica co-founder Niraj Naik, he will use a special blend of magic, meditation and visioning to help you manifest 2019 into your best year yet!

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Koh Phangan

Ko Pha Ngan is an island in southeast Thailand that’s renowned for its monthly Full Moon Party, but that’s not the true magic of what this island has to offer. It is also has some of the best schools for yoga, tantra and wellness in Asia, with many saying it’s like Ubud, but with a beach, and far less tourists! Koh Phangan is now quickly becoming recognised as the Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork capital of the world.

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Ecstatica is delighted to be partnered with the first  Koh Phangan Fruit Fest.  Imagine four weeks with super awesome vegan,  fruitarian people, amazing tropical fruit, stunning places, endless exciting activities, Epic beach parties…this is the Koh Phangan Fruit Fest.  It is a paradise on earth, a dream come true! The fruit fest will be running at the same time as Ecstatica, with some fruity workshops in our programme. 

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